A Cloud on VMware vCenter

vOneCloud deploys an enterprise-ready OpenNebula cloud just in a few minutes where the infrastructure is managed by already familiar VMware tools, such as vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager, and the provisioning, elasticity and multi-tenancy cloud features are offered by OpenNebula


Virtual data centers, self-service portal, datacenter federation, hybrid cloud on your VMware environment

Cost Effective

Free, there are no license costs, all components are fully open-source software


Completely open, customizable and modular, so it can be adapted to your needs

No Lock-in

Platform independent, so you can gradually migrate to other virtualization platforms


Very easy to install, upgrade, and maintain, with easy-to-use graphical interfaces


Certified, production-ready software with commercial support subscriptions and professional services

It Is All About Simplicity

OpenNebula is for companies that want to create a self-service cloud environment on top of their VMware infrastructure without having to abandon their investment in VMware and retool the entire stack. OpenNebula also makes it possible to take steps towards liberating a cloud stack from vendor lock-in by adding new resources based on open source hypervisors⁠ to the cloud. Companies can manage a distributed collection of vCenter instances across multiple data centers with a single OpenNebula instance.

Simple to Use

Very simple graphical interfaces for cloud consumers, and VDC and cloud administrators.

Simple to Update

New versions can be easily installed with no downtime of the virtual workload.

Simple to Adopt

Only add cloud features and do not interfere in existing VMware procedures and workflows.

Simple to Install

Available as CentOS Linux appliance, deployable through vSphere, able to import your system

Build your Cloud in 5 Minutes

vOneCloud is distributed as a virtual appliance for vSphere. It contains all required OpenNebula services within a single CentOS Linux appliance. All components are fully open-source and have been certified to work in enterprise environments.

1. Download Appliance

2. Deploy with vSphere

3. Import Your System

4. Enjoy Cloud Features


OpenNebula provides cloud orchestration and provisioning features on top of your existing VMware environment: simple portals for cloud consumers and administrators, virtual data center management and provisioning, data center federation, management of multiple vCenters, hybrid cloud computing with public clouds, resource consumption control…

Download the Appliance and the Guides

vOneCloud is free to download and use. The virtual appliance does not interfere in existing vSphere configurations, procedures and workflows. This means that you can try it and if you decide not to adopt it, you can just delete it. vOneCloud is for small and medium deployments (see System Requirements section in the Admin Guide). If you are building a large-scale cloud, are interested in the federation of multiple controller instances, or want to integrate with third party components, customize the product or manage open source hypervisors, we recommend an installation of OpenNebula with the vCenter drivers.


OpenNebula Systems offers best-effort community support and commercial support subscriptions for OpenNebula that provide users with everything needed throughout the entire subscription term in one all-inclusive highly competitive price for unlimited number of servers and incidents.